Learn to dance online - anywhere and at any time!

Welcome to Online Dance Lessons, where you can learn to dance easily and quickly from the comfort of your home. Our online dance lessons are the most convenient and affordable way to learn to dance since you practice at your own pace and and can choose to learn a variety of dance styles at any time.

How do I become a member?

Simple, just select your plan from the options below. We have 1 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions which includes complete access to our entire library of VIP online dance lessons.

Trial Plan
20 Additional VIP Videos
Access: 20 FREE VIP Videos
Length: No Limit
Silver Plan
$39 / month
Access: ENTIRE VIP Video Library
Length: 1 Month
Platinum Plan
ONLY $8.25 / month
Access: ENTIRE VIP Video Library
Length: 1 Year

What is the trial membership?

Trial members get access to 20 additional VIP online dance lessons absolutely free. This membership level only gives you access to approximately 10% of our VIP online dance lesson library, so it is a great choice to continue learning while you decide which membership plan is ultimately right for you.

Why learn to dance at home?

The number one reason to try online dance lessons is that you can work at your own pace and, since no one will see you, there is no pressure or embarrassment. In fact, you will probably learn the steps a little faster since you will not feel as self-conscious as you would be if you were trying to learn to dance in a dance class.

Can I really learn to dance?

Believe it or not, anyone can learn to dance! Dancing is a learned skill and while it does take dedication to practice, by simply practicing one short online dance lesson a day you will soon find yourself learn to dance quickly and easily.

How long will it take to learn a dance?

Everyone moves at their own pace but one benefit of taking online dance lessons is that our instruction is short, simple and easy to digest. We show each dance sequence in multiple angles both slowly and at dance tempo. By rewinding and repeating each dance lesson you will learn to dance but our online dance lessons are short and easy to learn, and if you practice just one lesson each evening you will be dancing in no time at all.