Ballroom Dancing Competition Blackpool
By Your Side Dance Studio is excited to announce that seven of their competitive ballroom dance students will be ballroom dancing at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival starting May 23rd 2017.

The first Blackpool Dance Festival was held during Easter week in 1920 in the magnificent Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens and is now the world’s first and most famous annual international ballroom dance competition.

This year the Blackpool Dance Festival will cover nine days of Ballroom and Latin American dancing with the best dancers from dance schools and dance studios from over 60 different countries in attendance.

And, for the first time ever the Blackpool Dance Festival has decided to invite students to compete with their teachers. Our ballroom dance students will be competing in the ProAm division which refers to a professional dancer or teacher dancing with their student.

The Blackpool Dance Festival is like Olympic Games: it’s so prestigious that simply taking part in this incredible ballroom dance competition is a great personal achievement and winning it is like earning Olympic Gold for ballroom dancing.

We are proud to be part of this historic time in which Pro/Am ballroom dancing programs have been allowed to compete in the oldest and most prestigious ballroom dancing event in the world.

If you are interested in becoming a better ballroom dancer more quickly, consider Pro/Am competitive ballroom dancing. You will learn to dance with confidence, style, and grace while having a measurable goal for improving your dancing abilities.

For more information on Pro/Am competitive ballroom dancing talk to Deborah or Guillermo.

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