Taking ballroom dancing lessons allows you to improve your coordination, get a great dance workout, and most importantly have fun. But, if there are no set goals for a ballroom dance lesson, your dance lessons can quickly become dull and unexciting. Ballroom dancing medals help improve your ballroom dancing and make you a better ballroom dancer more quickly with progressive dance instruction and achievable goals.

What are Ballroom Dancing Medals?

The word ‘medal’ makes it appear as if these are physical awards that are given to ballroom dancers to show off a big win at a recent competition but they’re not. Ballroom dancing medals are awarded for accomplishment in ballroom dancing technique.

Ballroom dance students have the opportunity to take part in what is known as the Medal Test. A ballroom dancing Medal Test is an event that allows students to have their dance skills assessed and evaluated by an independent source.

Dance students can work on ballroom dancing medals in a number of different dance styles ranging from Foxtrot and Waltz, to Swing, Salsa, and Tango. Students have the option to achieve their ballroom dance medals in either one style or multiple ballroom dance styles.

Ballroom dancing medals are awarded for showing an understanding of technique and footwork for a particular level. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

How Ballroom Dancing Medals are Awarded

Dancers take the dance floor only when the music is being played for a specific ballroom dance style. The dancer then dances a pre-set routine with another partner or with their teacher and the ballroom dance is judged by a panel of independent judges.

The independent judges will assess a dancer based off of the following criteria:

  • Footwork
  • Lead and Follow Technique
  • Dance Style
  • Timing

If it is determined that the ballroom dancer has met or exceeded the expectations for a specific dance level they will be awarded a certificate and an award. Once they have received their certificate or ballroom dance medal they can now move on to the next level and work on harder, more complex ballroom dance sequences and dance techniques.

Why Medals in Ballroom Dancing Matter

Taking part in the ballroom dancing medal test is not required in order to enjoy the art of ballroom dancing but it is encouraged. Earning medals in ballroom dancing is encouraged because having attainable dancing goals can really improve your dancing and make you a better ballroom dancer much more quickly.

Ballroom dancing medals matter to students because:

  • Dance lessons are focused and dedicated
  • Students have dance goals and an outline of what they want to achieve
  • Dancers feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they achieve their ballroom dance medals

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