A big congratulations to our ballroom dance students who recently performed at the California Open Dancesport Championships, one of the most popular ballroom dance competitions in California.

Our ballroom student Brooke Dunn started off with a first place in a Bronze Waltz Solo dancing with our professional ballroom dance instructor Memito Ceballos.

Suryany Misrayim continued our winning streak with a first place in a Closed Bronze Three Dance Latin Championship also dancing with Memito.

Ballroom dance instructors extraordinaire, Deborah Field Perez and Memito Ceballos, closed out the weekend of competitive ballroom dancing with their sizzling and passionate performance in the Professional American Rhythm ballroom dancing category.

Congratulations again to Brooke and Suryany! Next is the Emerald Ball ballroom dance competition coming up in April.

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What is Competive Ballroom Dancing?

So what is competitive ballroom dancing all about? Ballroom dance competitions are events that are officially sanctioned and regulated by Dancesport organizations. The International Dancesport Federation (IDSF) governs amateur ballroom competitions while the World Dance Council (WDC) governs professional ballroom dance competitions.

Each ballroom dance category is based on proficiency starting from beginner all the way to expert. The Dancesport levels are Newcomers or a dancer who has been dancing less than a year or has never competed in a dance competition, and Bronze, Silver and Gold ballroom dancers.

Ballroom dance students who want to enter a ballroom dance competition typically compete either in the amateur category or the pro-am category. The amateur category is where two amateurs dance together while the pro-am category is where one dancer is the instructor and the other dancer is the student. Pro-am is just like the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” where the amateur dances with the professional.

Unless you have a regular partner who is at the same dance level, we typically recommend that our ballroom students try the pro-am category. The reason is that when you practice for a competition with your instructor all of the lessons are focused entirely on you and you will grow much faster as a ballroom dancer. Another big plus is that you will feel much less stress on the dance floor knowing that your instructor is there to support you throughout the dance.

The Benefits of Competitive Ballroom Dancing

One of the greatest benefits of entering ballroom dance competitions is that you are setting a challenging goal which will motivate you to improve your ballroom dancing more quickly. Of course, the other benefit is the opportunity to perform and show-off your ballroom dancing ability as well as the fun of watching all of the competition dances and the amazing ballroom showcase dances. If you want to learn to ballroom dance quickly then consider getting ready for a ballroom dance competition. There is really nothing like the glamour, excitement and passion that is displayed at a ballroom dance competition!

Talk to your dance instructor if you are interested in more information about attending a ballroom dance competition. It’s a great way to improve your ballroom dancing – but watch out, it may become addicting!

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