Tap Dance Classes Culver City
Tap dancing is a beautiful art form, but it is also a great form of exercise and can help all types of dancers improve their sense of timing and musicality.

  1. Anyone can do it!
    Whether you are a man or a woman, a beginner or experienced dancer, learning to tap dance will help you stay on a beat and improve your rhythm and balance. Plus it’s a casual and fun style dance that is focused more on carefree rhythm interpretation rather than a strict formal dance style.
  2. Tap dancing is good for your body!
    Tap dancing is a full-body workout and a great cardiovascular activity that promotes overall heart and lung stamina over time. Tap dancing burns calories while also requiring a high degree of balance and coordination making it a great exercise option for seniors.
  3. Tap dancing is good for your brain!
    Studies have shown that tap dancing helps the brain learn and memorize complex sequences along with the corresponding rhythmic sounds. As you progress with your tap dancing, you will be encouraged to use your own imagination and creativity to create your own sequences, steps, and rhythms.
  4. Tap dancing helps improve your overall dancing!
    A critical component of tap dancing is balance and rhythm. Tap dancing improves your core by helping you keep your balance while doing the complex footwork. It also helps improve your dance posture and ability to time your steps with the rhythm of the music. All important aspects of dancing – whatever the type of dance you are dancing.
  5. Tap dancing is a great de-stressor!
    Because tap dancing is so much fun, it has been shown to help lower the blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. This is because tap dancing is an energetic dance that allows the dancer to achieve an emotional release in the form of rhythm and motion. Tap dancing is fundamentally a physical release of energy which brings about a calmer state of mind afterwards.


Want to take tap dance lessons in Los Angeles?

Meet people and have fun with our high-energy tap classes in Culver City. Join us this weekend for a tap dance class that is sure to improve your dance rhythm while leave you feeling more energized and lighter on your feet.

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