Are you looking for Quinceanera dance lessons for your Quinceanera? You have come to the right place!

The Quinceanera Waltz or Quinceanera Vals dance is a very important part of the traditional fiestas de los Quinces. Our Quinceanera dance instructors specialize in Quinceanera dance lessons including the Quinceanera waltz or Quinceanera vals with the court of honor, the Father Daughter dance and the surprise dance or baile sorpresa. We can choreograph many types of Quinceanera dance routines including Waltz or Vals, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Samba and Swing.

This is your special day and your time to shine! We believe that your Quinceanera vals dance should be magical and we are dedicated to choreographing and teaching your court of honor to dance a beautiful and memorable quince dance performance. Our Quinceanera dance lessons are designed to making your Quinceanera dance the highlight of the Quinceanera.

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A recent Yelp testimonial about our Quinceanera Waltz dance lessons

So glad I found this place on Yelp! We used By Your Side Dance Studios to choreograph my daughter’s Quinceanera. Micheal was assigned as our instructor, and in just a few short weeks, he had 16 teenagers dancing like professionals! The Vals (waltz) was elegant, the Surprise Dance (a Michael Jackson Mashup) was fun, and all of the kids looked and felt amazing! Michael did a great job of making sure that our Quinceanera princess stayed the center of attention, while also making sure that the rest of the court complimented her and looked good. The teens all loved him, as he has a very young spirit and makes learning fun. We were definitely concerned at first, as it seemed that many of the kids had never danced before, and looked hopeless. The dance is a huge part of a Quinceanera, and we really wanted it to be great. Well it turned out better then great…It was PERFECT! Seriously. I couldn’t imagine changing or improving a single thing. Everyone loved it, and we had at least a dozen people asking who our choreographer was! You never would’ve guessed that some of those teens didn’t know their right foot from their left a month prior!

If you are planning a Sweet 16 or Quinceanera, I would definitely recommend asking specifically for Michael to help you with this! The rest of the staff seemed super friendly, but Michael made a point to click with the teenagers and keep their attention focused. He had an amazing amount of patience, and was always keen to tweak the dance where necessary to make everyone look good.

Mary M.
El Segundo, CA

About the Quinceanera Waltz

The transition from childhood to womanhood is an important event in almost any culture. Hispanics, however, mark this memorable occasion with the celebration of a Quinceanera or Sweet 15. The Quinceanera tradition is believed to have started many years ago when the Spanish conquerors brought the tradition to Mexico and others say the tradition originated with the Aztecs. Regardless, a Quinceanera celebration is a Hispanic tradition associated with Mexican, central and South American cultures. Through the different ceremonies that take place today, the young Quinceanera is formally introduced to society and it is a day to give thanks for having reached this age.

Traditionally, the celebration will usually consist of having fourteen young girls called damas and fourteen young men called chambelanes, in addition to the Quinceanera’s own chambelan de honor. Nowadays, Quinceaneras will sometimes choose to have only seven damas and seven chambelans. Quinceaneras can also choose to have only all damas or all chambelanes. Typically the damas will all wear same color and style gowns to coordinate with the Quinceanera gown and the boys wear coordinating tuxedos.

The actual Quinceanera celebration consists of several parts. It is traditional to have a special thanksgiving mass or ceremony, followed by the reception and the banquet, and then the special Quinceanera Waltz or vals!

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