You are invited to come to our quarterly in-house showcase at By Your Side Dance Studio on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 7pm.  Admission is $10.  There will be performances by many of our students, a little social dancing, light food, and a cha cha dance challenge between the men and women.  Come join the fun!!

Time: 7pm-9:00pm
Admission: $10
Food: Yes (i.e. pizza, cheese/crackers)
Performances: Approximately 15 performances


Julie Billig w/ Rene Perez – Quickstep
Terrie Dunn w/Guillermo Ceballos – WC Swing
William Emmons w/Deborah Perez – Salsa
Suryany Misrayim w/Rene Perez – Foxtrot
Juanita Fisher w/Guillermo Ceballos – EC Swing

Break – Social Dancing

Tatjana Leuthi w/Shay Dixon – Cha Cha
Vania Rangel w/Guillermo Ceballos – Salsa
Michael Nguyen w/Deborah Perez – Waltz
Narmar Hanna w/Craig Morris – Rumba
Marissa Eaton w/Guillermo Ceballos – Cha Cha

Break – Social Dancing

Yukiko Fukashima – Salsa Solo
Marilyn Tucker w/Guillermo Ceballos – Bolero
Karen Graham w/Rene Perez – Waltz
Nicole Kanter w/Guillermo Ceballos – Rumba
Narmar Hanna w/Craig Morris – Mambo

Awards for Medal Exams

Dance Battle: Cha Cha Girls vs. Cha Cha Guys
Hope to see you all here! Be ready to have some fun!!

Admission is for performers and guests is $10
Entry Fee for Performers additional $10
(Cha Cha teams: your entry fee was included in the package of lessons, admission fee still required)


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