Get Swingin’ With Our Swing Dance Classes


Get swingin’ with our fun swing dance class!  We teach two styles of swing dancing  as well as the Hustle and they are all very easy to learn.

Jitterbug swing or East Coast Swing is typically more lively and energetic and is great for dancing to high energy big band music. West Coast Swing is generally a little slower, more formal swing style and West Coast Swing dancers often stay within a specific rectangular slot on the dance floor. While East Coast Swing is more jumpy and energetic, West Coast Swing is more sensual and elegant. The Hustle is a very unique type of  disco dance that also shares movement similarities with West Coast Swing.

  • East Coast Swing Level 1¬†Fridays – 8:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Cost:¬†$18 per class
  • No partner or prior dance experience is necessary
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