Star Ball Ballroom Dance Competition

By Your Side Ballroom Dancers Suryany Misrayim, Memito Ceballos and Deanna Stanton

I went to California Star Ball ballroom dance competition last night to watch and support our students who were competing. I watched every step, every arm movement, every shape and every facial expression until they walked off the floor. I took notes to show them what I saw to help take their ballroom dancing to the next level.

Although my note taking is to point out the weak spots and it’s hard to hear sometimes, I have to say that while I was watching them, my heart filled with excitement because I had never seen them dance better (Suryany Misrayim and Deanna Stanton). I saw smiles I had never seen before, confidence that beamed from their faces, a tremendous increase in quality of dance movement, plus much more.

Great work ladies! Great work Memito Ceballos! You have definitely guided them to make their ballroom dancing so much better.

Next up, the Royal Ball Ballroom Dance Competition coming up in March, 2016!

The California Star Ball Ballroom Dance Competition is the longest consecutive running ballroom dance competition in the United States featuring three days of ballroom dancing and competitive ballroom dance events. This year they featured a special ballroom dancing showcase by the Current United States Professional Rhythm Champions Emmanuel Pierre Antoine and Liana Churilova.

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