We make ballroom dance champions! Congratulations to Jane Kirkland-Glaser for her first and second place finishes in both 6-dance and Latin Ballroom Dancing at the Vegas Open Ballroom Dance Competition in Las Vegas,

  • 1st in Latin 61 and over
  • 2nd in Latin 51 and over
  • 1st in 6-dance 61 and over
  • 2nd in 6-dance 51 and over

Pro-Am Dance Events

With only 4 months of training in new dance styles Jane also came in top 6th and top 5th in two of her multi-dance events! The Vegas Open Dance Challenge is the newest ballroom dance competition in Las Vegas and is held the first weekend in March.

Vegas Open Challenge Ballroom Dance Competition

Do you want to improve your ballroom dancing more quickly?

Then a professional-amateur or Pro-Am dance competition might be right for you. With Pro-Am, you practice for a ballroom dance competition by taking private lessons with a professional dancing partner. In this way, you learn to ballroom dance and compete with a seasoned professional whose expertise helps you learn more quickly. Beyond being your dance partner, your ballroom dance instructor also acts as a coach and a mentor as you as you progress from lessons to practice and finally the ballroom competition.

Together you will participate in Pro-Am ballroom dancing events where you are judged against other Pro-Am couples. The Pro-Am competitions are categorized by age, gender and level of experience to make the competition fair for everyone who participates.

Whether you want to dance in a dance competition or simply want to bring your ballroom dancing to a higher level, setting a goal and working with a professional dance instructor will put you on the right track towards improving your ballroom dancing quickly.

Call 310-391-0400 to learn about Pro-Am events and schedule private lessons.

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